Our Story


In Stark county in 2017,  there were over 239 children in foster homes every month. There were roughly 160 foster families in the system that were providing homes for these children.* Most foster children leave their homes with nothing but a few personal belongings in a garbage bag. It is common that the clothes they do bring don’t fit, or are worn out. 

A foster care closet is a location where foster families and foster children can shop for clothes, toiletries, school supplies and more for free. There are foster care closets all over Ohio, but there isn’t one in Stark county; we see this as both a loss, and an opportunity.

The Foster Hope Project will start as a foster care closet, except our model will be slightly different. Our goal will be to fill and give two bags to foster families every month. Each of these bags will have clothing, toiletries and most importantly, a Bible. We believe strongly in this ministry because it provides an opportunity for those who desire to, but can’t currently foster children to get involved. It also provides opportunities for Gospel conversations with those in our community.

* For more information on Stark county statistics, click here.